More complex, but not more complicated

If you can’t beat Digital Transformation, at least lean back an enjoy the ride. Or so say Ossi Urchs and I in our recently published book, Digital Enlightenment Now!

Thesis 7: Life in such a fundamentally different world will become more complex, but not necessarily more complicated. In fact, it will probably be simpler and less stressful.

For users, such disruptive moments in technology and media actually can be quite enjoyable. Not, that we are able to manage them, but they can make our lives less complicated. If we choose, we can try to understand what’s happening – but we don’t have to.

Understanding what is going on in a world where disruption is going on may not be easy, but it could well be worth the effort. If we manage to come to grips with the changes around us, the reward will be the realization that life in such a fundamentally new reality can be more complex, but not necessarily more complicated or harder. Quite the opposite: Those who understand how to make best use of the results of disruptive innovation or at least willing to try can lead richer and more rewarding lives.

But first, we need to make an extra effort.

BoD DENThe ten theses are at the center of our book, Digital Enlightenment Now!, that was recently published on BoD. I am reprinting them here as a mini-series to encourage debate among DEF members.

2 thoughts on “More complex, but not more complicated

  1. laurencemillarnz March 19, 2015 / 3:28 am


    We are in danger of missing the fact that people born into technology do not see it as technology, but just as “the way the world is”. This and your next post – “We need to develop the ability to think in a digitally and networked fashion” – suggest that the re-learning will require effort. I would suggest that it is already happening in real time.

    For instance when faced with a 3 1/2 inch floppy disk there are a number of responses:
    “I remember – how do I access the files stored on it?”
    “Why do you call it ‘floppy’?”
    “Why would you want a storage device with 0.00144GB capacity?”
    “Look! – a 3D print of the Save icon”.

    McLuhan developed the idea of Figure and Ground for media and technology. What has happened in the 50 years since then is that Figure is being absorbed into Ground at an exponential rate.

    It is only the more mature of us that need to “make an extra effort”.


  2. Tim Cole March 19, 2015 / 6:59 am

    Correct! Little kids do it instictively. It’s us geezers who have problems.


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