The Enlightenment Metaphor in Action

At DEF, we believe that people should enjoy the kinds of autonomy and freedom online that they do offline. The first priority of our mission is to establish and support the position and rights of the individual in relation to the rest of society. This means understanding how current and future digital technology can best be used to express our Identities in the digital world – taking into account the core values we cherish in our societies now.

Our multi-stakeholder approach seeks to understand how businesses, institutions and governments can become more effective and fit-to-purpose through relationships with digitally empowered individuals. We aim for a profound new dialogue to replace the ‘truthy’ clichés about ‘competing interests that so often justify stagnation and inefficiency.

Our activities are sharply focused on finding game-changing solutions that stimulate innovation and sustainable evolution and, therefore, are beneficial to all.

We will continue to:

  • Help people better understanding policy implications and the societal impact of rapidly evolving digital technologies;
  • Facilitate novel forms of multi-stakeholder, multi-level, and multidisciplinary collaboration;
  • Align uses of technology with basic values and social needs within a flexible but robust legal framework;
  • Engage key policy- and decision-makers;
  • Create interfaces between technologists and policy-makers, identifying new technology solutions that have the potential to transform ways of thinking and ways of doing;
  • Spur common sense action with evidence-based strategies to strengthen trust and acceptance of products, services and digital infrastructure.

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